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Your Photo in Acrylic Panel

2.00 LBS
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Your Photo in Acrylic Panel

Acrylic Panel with holes 5mm

Acrylic Panels, with 9.5mm diameter holes, can be used in either of two ways:

Acrylic Frames, sandwich style

An Acrylic Frame, sandwich, style clamps your image between two panels of acrylic. The back can be either Black or White with a 5mm Clear face panel. The image is usually smaller than the acrylic so back panel shows as a border. 

The panels of acrylic are clamped with the Posts passing through the holes. A Spring Thingy© hanger fixes between the Posts on the back so it can be hung securely on standards picture hooks.

Please notice: There is more size stock for white background as Black background are limited stock 

5 working days