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Who are you?
 Good question, I would ask the same thing!

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My name is Sunny Chana, I was born and raised in Birmingham, UK. My passion for art and design started at school and continued throughout university. I began studying textiles at GNVQ level and advanced to a printed textile course at Birmingham City University; most of my tutors remarked on my unusual mixed media techniques.



My unusual Mixed Media Methods?? Like what?

  • Print on to A4 textured wallpaper
  • Painted texture on to paper and then colour copied using various objects in the photocopier (it didn’t break but there was smoke!)
  • I placed two leather materials (Black and silver) together and put them into the heat press; they burned and ripped apart, but they exchanged colours and textures!

These are some short examples of my early experimentation (I can’t say too much otherwise there will be some people chasing after me!), but it led me to where I am now – continuously trying to stay ahead of the field by creating new and unique application combinations.

After completing university with 2.1 degree (I was just  1% away from 1st class – that was the time that Beckham missed the penalty at that England game- so knew just how he felt).

Moving on, I then worked at Boots the chemist part time, but in my own time, I used a textile printing company to print my own images to sell at craft fairs and exhibitions. The day came when my textile printer decided to cease trading, and wanted to sell her equipment…..

Wait! I will buy it!” and that happened, because I was unable to find a job in textiles anywhere!!

In May 2008, as sole trader, I named my new business ‘Sunny Chana Digital Prints” and began to provide a textile printing service to university students and designers. There were quite a few bumps along the journey (just like our bumpy roads here!).

After improving and adding further products, with feedback form our existing customers, I decided to rebrand and to change my business name to Sunny Digital Prints. I now offer an array of products and services and specialise in providing printed mixed media; this allows our customers to create unique marketing and products. 

Phew, what a journey! I have now built a team of people who support our design and printing service. My ambition is to grow and set up my own public print shop (watch this space!).

There was a barrier along the way I forgot to mention - I’m hearing impaired. Nah I don’t need any sympathy (but a hug would be nice?!). It’s all about attitude; I’ve never allowed any barriers to be built around me. If they were, I would find a way to build bridges and walk over the barriers. All successful entrepreneurs have a great attitude that has helped them to build their reputation – they don’t allow any sh*t that happens to bring negativity to them. 

Well, that is a summary about me and my business, 

I do hope that we can do business with you, 
Sunny Chana


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